Alldaychemist Review: Customer Compaints, Payments, Prescriptions

All Day Chemist is an online pharmacy that deals on mainly generic drugs. They supply generic drugs to patients all over the world. ADC doesn’t just offer generics, they offer high quality generic drugs. This is because the pharmacy sources its drugs from highly reputable pharmaceutical companies like GSK, Pfizer, Torrent Pharma, Intas Pharma, Ajanta Pharma, Sun Pharma, and Cipla just to mention a few of them. To ensure that they supply only quality drugs and not counterfeits, the online pharmacy is headed by highly experienced pharmacist. The fact that they order drugs directly from manufacturers lowers their costs so they are also able to sell at competitive prices. They follow the highest quality control standards. To avoid drug abuse, most of ADC’s drugs require prescription from a qualified and licensed medical doctor. They don’t just supply drugs on orders.

What you should know about generic drugs

Generic drugs are the drugs that are manufactured and sold without any patent protection. Their formulation may be patented but the active ingredient that does the job is not patented. In some cases, the drug may be patented initially but they became generics when their patent expired. Generic drugs are as effective as patented drugs because they have the same active ingredients.

The major advantage that generic drugs offer is that they are usually much cheaper than patented drugs. This is because brand names are not cheap. They cost millions of dollars and they last for about 10 to 15 years. Secondly, advertising brands is also much more expensive. This is why generic drugs are much cheaper. After all, the manufacturer has to sell the drugs in prices that will cover all their expenses and still give room for profit.

Here are some of the reasons generic drugs are much cheaper.

  • Production of generics does not require any new technology or formula. This makes the production of generic drugs cheaper.
  • They do not require much advertisement and marketing because their patented counterparts have been advertised for years. They only ride on these adverts. For instance, Viagra is a patented name and its active ingredient is sildenafil citrate. All its generics also have it and since Viagra is known worldwide, manufacturers of its generics just present theirs as generic form of Viagra and they keep making huge sales.
  • Manufacturers of generics do not also have to bear the cost of proving the efficacy and safety of their drugs. Manufacturers of the patented drugs have already done that.

So, these are the reasons generic drugs are much cheaper. The fact that many people think generics are cheaper because their quality is lower makes this detailed explanation necessary.

All Day Chemist offers guarantee

To make sure that their customers are happy and satisfied, if you receive your order damaged or you don’t get it all, they will either reship another package to you or issue you a refund depending on which one you prefer. However, it is also important to let you know that orders hardly get lost and neither do they get damaged in transit because they make use of highly experienced logistic companies that have been delivering drugs to locations all over the world for years.

On the other hand, if you don’t receive your order in full, the chemist will first refund you in full and then charge your credit card with the cost of what you received. This is to make sure that you pay for only what you get and not more. This is why most of the pharmacy’s customers are always happy and satisfied.

In case you don’t receive your order after 30 business days or you were notified that your package has been placed on hold or returned to sender for any reason, just contact them by filling a form at the Refund Section of their website. ADC will respond promptly. You will have to choose between a full refund and a reshipment of your order in the form. As an alternative to filling an online form, you can also call them on 213-291-2588.

Anti-Spam policy

This online pharmacy has never been in support of spam so they make their anti-spam policy very clear. This is why none of its customers has ever received any spam message from them. In addition, you can install spam-filters to prevent spam mails from reaching your inbox.

ADC believes in only quality

They don’t indulge in sharp practices or cut corners, so they sell only high quality drugs. To be able to maintain the required standard, they order drugs from only reputable pharmaceutical companies. Over the years, the chemist has been able to build an enviable reputation and a large customer base and they are not ready to compromise their integrity and reputation. Online reviews on them collectively speak volumes about the quality of the drugs they sell.

Even though quality does not come cheap, this pharmacy prefers to sell its drugs at relatively lower prices and also give further discounts for volume purchases because they believe in turnover. They prefer to make little profit on each of their drugs and sell volumes of orders as against making huge profit on the drugs and sell low volumes. Apart from their profits, ADC also wants its customers to be healthy happy and satisfied all the time.

They offer convenience

Customers of this chemist have been ordering products with so much convenience because ADC has been able to combine affordability with both quality and convenience. Just order drugs from them and you will receive your package at your doorstep in a few days. They also distribute drugs discretely. So, if you require privacy, just indicate it. Your order will be packaged in unlabeled card boxes or small bubble envelopes so you will be the only person that will know the content of the package.

They have also made it easier for customers to search their website for drugs. If you know the actual name of the drug you want to buy, just type the name on their search template and the drug will come up. Drugs have also been grouped into the categories of their purpose on their website. So, if you need a drug for a certain condition, just select the condition and all the drugs for it will appear. For instance, if you need a drug for acne, just click the “All Categories” button and the list of health conditions will drop down. Select acne from the list and all the drugs for acne will appear with their prices. This makes search easier for customers and it also gives a wonderful shopping experience.

They offer affordability and safety

Even though All Day Chemist does not manufacture drugs, they ensure that their drugs are stored in the best location and condition according the regulatory standards. They will never compromise the quality of their drugs just to be able to offer discounts. Buying drugs from them helps you save a lot of money since their prices are competitive. If you want the highest quality drug at the lowest cost possible then you should order your drugs from the chemist.

ADC offers competitive prices

You can compare their prices with the prices of their competitors and you will see the huge difference. They promote a healthy life and affordable medical expenses. They also offer multiple modes of payment. You can pay through credit cards (MasterCard or Visa), checks, and money orders.

Promotional offers

One thing customers love most about this pharmacy is numerous promotional offers. However, these offers constantly change. So, to find out the available promotional offers, just click on the “Coupons & Offers” button. You will see all the available offers.

They source drugs from only reputable manufacturers

To ensure the quality of their drugs, they source drugs from the best and most reputable pharmaceutical companies all over the world. Nevertheless, they still subject the drugs to thorough scrutiny before accepting them. So, when you buy products from this pharmacy, you don’t need to bother yourself about the quality of the drugs. There are generic drugs in other countries too but they come in different brand names.

Do they require prescriptions?

Yes, you cannot buy any prescription medicine from them without a prescription from a licensed doctor. You can send a scanned copy of the prescription through e-mail or through fax (+1-760-2845903). Some drugs are not safe for everyone. If you need such drugs, your doctor has to check your medical history to determine if the drug is safe for you. Secondly, you may not also know the right dosage for you. Different people have different body composition so a particular dosage may be okay for your friend but too much for you even if both of you are of the same age and body build. It is needless to remind you that overdose can lead to a plethora of side effects.

Another reason you need a prescription is that some drugs react fatally when they come in contact with another drug in your body. So, there are several drugs that should never be taken together. Only an experienced doctor can inform you on that.

Highly informative medical blogs

To position themselves as an authority in the medical field, they run a blog with numerous highly educative and informative up-to-date posts. To be sure that you don’t miss any of the posts, you can create and account with them and you will receive all their newsletters. Other reasons to create an account with them is faster checkouts and to be able to track your order.

To track your order as a registered member, click the “Track Order” button and two templates will appear. One is for the order ID and the other is for your email address. Fill both boxes and click the “Track Order” button right below. Another reason to create an account with the pharmacy is that it gives you the privilege to store multiple addresses on your account.

With all the information the pharmacy offers, buyers will be better informed on the kind of drugs that they need. In addition, there is a platform for buyers to place their honest reviews about the drugs and the service they got from the pharmacy. This will also help new customers make up their mind whether to patronize the pharmacy or not. This indicates both honesty and integrity.

The chemist is reliable

They handle the data of their customers with the highest level of confidentiality. No one will ever find out that you bought anything from the website, let alone know the drugs that you bought. As mentioned earlier, orders are delivered discretely. The packages are not labelled. Even if someone else takes delivery of the package in your absence, the person will never find out what is inside. Their site is built on a sophisticated encryption technology that makes your card details safe on the platform. Most importantly, if you receive damaged order or you don’t receive any package at all, you will get full refund or reshipment depending on what you want. So, you can comfortably say that the pharmacy is reliable in every sense of the word.

Variety of drugs

They offer a wide variety of drugs. You can get drugs for different ailments on the site. They offer drugs for High Blood Pressure, Herpes, HIV, Alzheimer’s, Migraine, Infertility, Diabetes, Cancer, Epilepsy, and many more. They also sell numerous skin care products like serums, hair fall solutions, gels, and fairness creams, just to mention a few. So, if you want variety, you can get it from this online pharmacy.

They provide a range of drugs for the same ailment. For instance, if you need a drug for acne, you can get multiple acne drugs like A Ret, Acnesol Gel, Salicylix, and Persol Gel on the site. Apart from drugs, they also offer different types of effective health supplements. This is because meals can no longer supply the body with all the necessary nutrients for healthy growth. People now resort to the use of heath supplements. offers numerous tested and trusted supplements at competitive prices.

Customer-friendly refunds and returns policy

As mentioned earlier, damaged packages or failed delivery are both eligible for either a full refund or reshipment based on what the buyer wants. However, before you conclude that your package is lost in transit, you need to wait for at least 30 business days except if you receive a notice that your package is on hold or that it has been returned to sender. Just contact them and they will swing into action immediately.

In addition, if you are not satisfied with the drug you ordered, you have a window of 45 days to notify them and get a replacement or a reshipment. Unfortunately, for certain reasons, complaints that arrive after 45 days of delivery will not be treated. Well, you may not like this but it is their business rule. As a matter of fact, it should not take you that long to determine if you like the drug or not.

If you prefer a full refund, you will get it in the same payment method that you used. This means that if you pay through credit card, your credit card will be refunded. If you pay through check or money order, you will get your refund through check or money order. Secondly, whether it is check or money order, it will be sent to your billing address. The processing of customers’ refunds usually takes them less than 10 working days. However, payment by check may take a little longer since the check will first be delivered to your doorstep before you take it to your bank.

ADC’s policy on cancelling of orders

While they strive to fulfill all orders, sometimes they have to cancel some of them for some reasons. Unavailability of stock is one of the reasons for order cancellation. Another reason orders are cancelled is when there is problem with payment. If your order is cancelled after payment, you will get your refund as quickly as possible. If your credit card is charged, it will be reversed. Orders without payment are also cancelled. There is no point reserving a product for a customer that is yet to pay while other customers that have paid will not receive their packages.

On the other hand, customers can also cancel their orders. Any customer that wishes to cancel his order can contact the customer care team. The order will be cancelled as soon as the notice is received. After that, the customers will receive their refund. Unfortunately, orders that have been shipped cannot be cancelled. Well, this should not be a problem. If you intend to cancel your order and you are told that it can’t be cancelled because it has already been shipped, just treat it as a return case immediately you receive it. You will still get your refund.

All Day Chemist offers community service

The pharmacy offers community service. You can join the program to contribute your quota towards the development of your community and help the community lead a healthy life. If you are interested, you can send an email to You will get more information about the program. The big picture here is that for each drug you buy from the online pharmacy, you are supporting your community.

Why you should create an account

It is better to create an account with them so that you can store multiple addresses, track your orders easily, enjoy faster checkout, and also receive personalized deals as emails.


While there are numerous positive reviews on their website, the ones that are on third party review platforms are more credible. They currently have a rating/trustscore of 9.4 out of 10 based on 4,652 unique reviews on, a third party review platform. This rating speaks volumes about the quality of service and drugs offered on their website. The fact that the reviews were posted on a third party site that does not have any affiliation with the online pharmacy makes the rating much more credible.

Their Contact

While many online pharmacies do not display any contact number, All Day Chemist offers four different phone numbers for different locations. This is another indication of their transparency and integrity. Customers in the United States can call them on +1(855) 840-0584. Customers in the United Kingdom can call them on +442075721246. Customers in Australia can call them on +61290380439 and buyers in other locations can reach them on +1(213)291-2588. Unfortunately, their lines are not available 24/7. You can only reach them from Monday through Saturday between the hours of 6AM and 2:30AM PST/9AM and 5:30AM EST. Only the number provided for the customers in the United States is toll free. For issues that are not urgent, you can contact them by filling their short online contact form.


Despite being seen to be controversial, the online pharmacy seems to be transparent and honest and they also offer great prices. How will they be in business since 2002 if not by offering great drugs and services? No company can exist for more than a decade with poor products and services. The pharmacy does not offer prescription medicines without a prescription. This is an indication of strict adherence to regulatory standards.

You can also check their reviews on You will see numerous wonderful testimonies and reviews. Could over 4,000 reviews have been doctored? That is not likely. Consider their return and refund policies. Are they not customer-friendly? Compare their prices with the prices of other online pharmacies. In addition, they sell high quality generic drugs sourced directly from reputable drug manufacturers. So, what else do you expect from a reputable pharmacy that All Day Chemist does not offer? Maybe none. So, the site is recommended. You can buy drugs from them. Review

Mega Discount Pharma online store is not just one of your regular health stores. Rather, it is a platform that links buyers to licensed pharmacies. It provides escrow service between buyers and pharmacies (sellers). So, buyers only need to place orders on the platform and the order will be sent to one of their affiliate pharmacies.

Since they are linked to several online pharmacies, they can boast of a wide range of drugs and these drugs are sold at highly competitive prices. The variety of their drugs as well as their affordable prices is the reason their customers keep increasing in number and existing ones always return. They are affiliated to only licensed pharmacies, so you can rest assured of the authenticity and originality of their drugs. You will agree that the 3 most important qualities that buyers look for in their choice of pharmacy are variety of drugs, competitive prices, and originality of drugs. You can get all the 3 on this platform.

In fact, their mission is to reduce the prescription bills of buyers and they already do as their referral and escrow service is for everyone. Most importantly, the service is completely free of charge. It is also very convenient in the sense that it does not require any signup. So, you don’t need to fill any long signup form to become a member. As long as you are 18, you are eligible to use their service.

Their service is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It is also important to include the fact that the site ships orders discretely so you will enjoy total privacy. You can order drugs at home, in your office, or even on the go. The modes of payment accepted on the site are Visa Card, MasterCard, and eCheck.

Some of their drugs

The site offers weight loss drugs and supplements, anti-anxiety drugs, and men’s sexual performance enhancement drugs. Some of their men’s performance enhancement drugs are Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra and some of their anti-anxiety drugs are Buspar, Atarax, Wellbutrin, Buspirone, and Anafranil. Others are Celexa, Difulcan, and Cymbalta.

The site is safe and secure

You can comfortably enter your personal details and that of your credit card on the platform as it is quite safe. The site protects their customers’ data. One of the ways through which the site protects data is the encryption of their communication channels with a 256-bit SSL certificate. This makes all financial and medical transactions very secure. In addition, the site’s checkout process has been verified to be secure and it has also been accredited by BBB. In addition, it is McAfee secure. Most of all, it is a hacker-free site.

Shipping and delivery

All orders are shipped through Registered Airmail. You should bear in mind that your signature is required upon the delivery of your order. While they strive so much to ship out orders within 24 hours after they are placed, the ones placed after 4pm on Friday will be process the following Monday.

It is also important to note that delivery time depends on your location as proximity is a factor. Orders to locations that are nearer to the store are delivered earlier. Orders are not also processed on religious and national holidays so they also affect delivery time.

Most importantly, customers can also track their orders at any given time. They only need to enter their email address and password at the Order Status page of the site. They will receive an email on the status of their orders. This site offers worldwide shipping. So, no matter your location, your order will be delivered to you.

Are prescriptions required?

You probably have been itching to find out if prescriptions are required to order drugs on this site. Well, the answer is no. You don’t need prescriptions to order drugs from the site. This will be a relief to patients suffering from “embarrassing” conditions like erectile dysfunction. They don’t need to see anyone to order erectile dysfunction drugs like Viagra on this site.

Requiring no prescription is great because there are hundreds of thousands of men suffering from different degrees of erectile dysfunction but they are too ashamed to see their general physicians about it. They will rather “die” in silence.

The site offers prescription anonymously. Before you check out, you will be asked to fill a short form on your medical history. This is absolutely compulsory. Your form will be sent to one of the doctors on their network who will examine your medical history. Based on that, he will either approve or disapprove your order. Once your order is approved, it will be processed immediately.

You need to understand that it is in your best interest. You don’t want to encounter possible side effects or contraindication issues. It is not also advisable to give false information to get your order approved. You may eventually regret it.

Discounts and concessions offered by

While you may enjoy more discounts by ordering higher volumes, there is a 10 percent discount on every order. In addition, shipping is completely free. You will only pay for the ordered drugs. This section will not be complete without mentioning their 30-day money-back guarantee policy.

In the event that a customer did not receive his order, he has the liberty to ask for a reshipment or refund. Customers who are also not satisfied with their order can also ask for a refund. However, the site doesn’t accept medications back from customers because FDA prohibits that. If you want a refund, you can initiate the process through their contact page.


While there are numerous positive reviews on their site, it is better to act on reviews on third party websites. A simple search on Google revealed that there are about an equal number of both negative and positive reviews on the site. So, it is advisable to try them with an amount you can afford to lose first. The results of the order will determine if you will return there or not. The fact that their physical address is not on their website is a good reason to tread with caution while dealing with them.

Contact Information

You can only reach them by filling an online contact form or by calling +1-831-201-0798.

In conclusion, if all the information given on their website is true, then it should have a 5-star rating. However, you should also remember that there are some negative reviews about them and their physical address isn’t on their website.

Canadian Pharmacy ( Review

Canadian Pharmacy is an online drugstore that offers retail and wholesale pricing for various medications. Their catalog includes over 80 varieties of medicines. As a result, you can quickly order your prescription from the privacy of your home. The store prides itself on offering at least 10% savings compared to any other online pharmacy store price. The company achieves this by purchasing the medicines directly from manufacturers in bulk and redistributing them through the website.

Assortment Diversity

Canadian Pharmacy holds a redistribution license that allows them to legally stock and sell medical drugs under the following categories:

  • Allergies (1)
  • Anti – Anxiety (4)
  • Anti-Fungal (1)
  • Anti-Depressants (1)
  • Antibiotics (5)
  • Asthma (1)
  • Blood Pressure (1)
  • Bonus (8)
  • Cholesterol (1)
  • Diabetes (2)
  • ED Packs (4)
  • Gastro Health (1)
  • Gastrointestinal (2)
  • Hair Loss (1)
  • Herbals (7)
  • Men’s Health (15)
  • Other (3)
  • Pain Relief (5)
  • Sexual Health (4)
  • Skin Care (1)
  • Sleeping Aids (3)
  • Weight Loss (2)
  • Women’s Health (7)

If you want to go through the list of drugs available manually, the site does offer an index which is also searchable. That’s not all; the store has gone ahead to provide a detailed review of each drug including dosages, side effects and explicit photos of what you should expect in each package.

Some of the top-selling drugs include Ambien, Ativan, Imovane, Klonopin, Phentermine, Soma, Valium, Xanax, Cialis, Viagra, and Levitra.

Price Affordability

The store bases its pricing criteria on drug dosages such as 2.5mg, 5mg, 10mg, 20mg, 40mg, and 60mg. This gives room for flexibility for every customer to purchase their individual dosage according to their prescription as well as their financial capabilities.

The store also allows bulk purchases depending on the consumer’s needs. Most packages are group in 10pills, 20, 30, 60, 90,120 and 200 pills. However, the depending on the medication in question you can even find a 600-pill package. Each package has a designated price which is clearly visible next to the package. If you want to aggregate two or more packages, the check out option can allow you to have them shipped together instead of paying for shipment of each package.

By comparing the store’s prices to those of other online pharmacy stores, we can authoritatively confirm that the store is actually at least 10% cheaper than its competitors. A quick example would be the price

Of Viagra. On most stores a 25mg Viagra pill is retailing at $0.69 (USD), however, on Canadian Pharmacy the same tablet is retailing at $0.23 (the 360 pills package). This has two main advantages: you get to save on cost with up to 50% reduction, and the fact that you are buying in bulk means you don’t have to worry about running out of pills any time soon.

Shipping options

The pharmacy currently offers shipment options to North America and Europe. However, you will not be limited in terms of your shipping options as you can choose either of the following:

  • Express Mail Service: not only is it the quickest way but its also the safest method when it comes to dealing with pharmaceutical packages. The shipment will generally take between 9 to 14 days to arrive. If you need to track the shipment, you can use the tracking number which will be provided after confirmation of the order.
  • Registered mail: this is cheaper compared to EMS but will generally take 2 to 3 weeks for your package to arrive. It also doesn’t offer the shipment tracking capability.
  • EMS Europe: unlike its counterpart EMS USA which delivers within three to seven business days, EMS Europe will take about 9 to 14 days.

It’s important to note that your orders may be delayed during winter holidays due to shipping delays and bad weather. If you experience such delays, kindly contact the pharmacy’s customer care. If your order is delayed at customs, you can also contact the customer care, and they will sort it out.

If you are wondering what happens if you receive an incomplete order? Well, this only happens in cases where your order was split into 2 or more shipments (weight and customs regulations can force this), in such a situation just give it a few more days and the rest of the packages will arrive. If that doesn’t happen, the store will reship the missing medication.

Payment options accepts only Visa and Mastercard payment options. This limitation can be somewhat cumbersome considering not everyone prefers these two credit cards. It’s important to note that your card will only be charged after you have confirmed your existing order and checked out. If you need to have the order canceled, you can do so before it gets approved. Kindly remember to read the terms of shipping before proceeding to avoid running into related problems.

Technical Characteristics

1. Google loading Speed Data about the Website

The mobile version of the site has a 67/100 Page Speed Insights score (PSI) which is a medium optimization. The desktop version scores are higher with a 78/100 PSI score which is also medium.

2. Mobile-friendly

The site has a mobile friendly version which can be accessed from any mobile browser.

3. Is the site connection secure?

Yes, the site has an updated SSL certificate with 128-bit encryption keys.

4. Antivirus presence

This site has not supplied such information.

5. Is this store legit? classified this website as moderately risky due to the fact that the owner’s address and details are redacted for privacy reasons. However, the website is not listed on Google’s list of suspicious sites or on any other antivirus blacklist. The site is also not popular, and as such there are no reviews of it so far.


Canadian Pharmacy promises to offer reliable prescriptions from the comfort and privacy of your home and at a fraction of the price that you would typically pay. The ability to buy in bulk will come in handy when looking for a long-term solution to any medical condition that might require any of the listed drugs. If you are looking for a cheap score, then this is the website for you go ahead and try it.

Comprehensive reviews of

Introduction to

Although there are many websites that refer customers to online pharmacies, some of them cannot be trusted. They often earn commissions for each customer they refer. Because of that, most of them are only concerned about earning commissions. So, they give positively biased reviews. This is why it is important to check the reviews on each of the customer-referring websites. This article is about (not to be confused with

The website looks quite professional but the first red flag is the lack of contact details on the site. There is no email address or phone number. However, they refer customers who are interested in buying Levitra to both CanadianMed and CanPharmacySafe and both of them have contact details on their separate websites. One reason to trust the site is that it has not hidden the fact that it is just an affiliate.

To confirm this, when you click on the “Order Now” link from the site, you will be directed to CanadianMed online pharmacy. In addition, it provides all the information you or any other customer may want to know about Levitra. All the information on Levitra below was culled from

Important details about Levitra

The main ingredient of Levitra is Vardenafil. The best price for both 20 mg and 10 mg Levitra is $1.15 per pill while the one for 60 mg and 40 mg is $1.50 per pill. Take note that the prices are said to be the best prices so you may get any of them at higher prices.

How Levitra works

About twenty to twenty-five minutes after taking the drug, the muscles in the groin begin to relax and this will allow more blood to flow into the blood vessels of the genital organ. This will enable the erectile tissues to get filled with blood and this leads to a strong erection.

At this point it is important to make it clear that lack of sexual urge is different from having erectile dysfunction. When you have erectile dysfunction, you will get sexually aroused but you won’t get enough erection to last for a satisfactory sexual intercourse. Levitra only works for erectile dysfunction. If you lack sexual arousal, you may have to look for an aphrodisiac. It is needless to say that Levitra is not an aphrodisiac.

Levitra has a high rate of absorption into the bloodstream. While it reaches maximum action within an hour after administration on the average, it sometimes hit the peak much earlier. Although the effectiveness of the drug is directly proportional to the dosage taken, there should be a limit to avoid side effects. According to, very fatty foods reduce the effectiveness of the drug. The drug is safe for both old and young patients.

How to take Levitra

To get the best performance from Levitra, it is advisable to take it one hour before sexual intercourse. The effect of the drug lasts for about 8 hours in the body. The dosage to take varies among patients because different people have different body compositions and the degree of erectile dysfunction differs among patients. A particular dosage that is inadequate for a certain patient may be an overdose for another. So, to avoid taking overdose, you may need to start with a 10 mg pill and if the efficacy is not enough, the dosage can be increased.

Patients with mild liver issues should start with 5 mg pill and they should not double it for any reason. Liver impairment is not the only contraindication of the drug. Find other contraindications below.

Common contraindications of Levitra and other erectile dysfunction drugs

Even though you can obtain generic Levitra without prescription, you should not take the drug when you are on other therapeutic drugs without consulting your physician. The reaction of Vardenafil can be fatal when it comes in contact with other active ingredients.

If you have recently suffered from stroke or heart attack, you should stay away from the drug. It is because you may still have the cardiac drugs in your body. Cardiac drugs are in the same drug class with Vardenafil. The only difference is that they act on different organs. Cardiac drugs act on the heart while erectile dysfunction drugs act on the penis. So, it will amount to overdose of drug when both cardiac drugs and Vardenafil meet in your body. If you have any history of either liver or kidney disorder, you should not take Levitra.

Possible side effects of the drug

No matter how effective a drug is, it will always have a few side effects. Levitra is not an exception. It has its own side effects too. Out of the side effects of Levitra, the common ones are drowsiness, nausea, heat sensation, and headache. However, following your doctor’s instructions to the letter will reduce the chances of experiencing any side effect.

It is important that you do not take more than a pill of Levitra in a day. As explained earlier, Vardenafil gets the groin muscles relaxed and that widens the blood vessels of the penis. This allows more blood to flow into the vessels and keep the penis erect for as long as you want.

How to combine drugs with Levitra

While some drugs will not cause a bad reaction when they come in contact with Vardenafil in the body, they have the ability to slow down its reaction by reducing its rate of absorption. Examples of such drugs are erythromycin, intrazole, and keto. However, you will still get strong erection even with the reduced absorption rate.

Main advantages of taking Levitra

This drug is not the only erection dysfunction drug but it is one of the best because it has several advantages. The drug is not only supper effective for erectile dysfunction; it is also suitable and safe for all men over 18 whether they are below 40 or above 60.

It does not react with any hormone in the body and it offers lasting erection. In addition, it has relatively fewer contraindications and virtually harmless side effects. Its effects on the penis last very long and consumption of food or alcohol does not affect its efficacy. This means that you don’t have to abstain from your favorite beer because you want to take Levitra.

Although, you can buy the drug in various online pharmacies, it is also available in numerous offline brick and mortar stores. Aged patients with liver or kidney issues can start with 5 mg. You can start with 10 mg and increase the dosage if you are not satisfied but most men get enough erection with 10 mg. Any drug that can give you 4 to 5-hour erection is good enough for you.

While it is rare, some people are intolerant to Vardenafil and similar ingredients. If you are among such people, you should avoid the drug. Look for another alternative. It is important to state categorically that both online pharmacies recommended by ships order without prescription.

Reviews on will not be complete without reviewing the two online pharmacies that are recommended on it. The online pharmacies are Canadian Med [ ] and Canadian Pharmacy Safe [].

Reviews on Canadian Med

This online pharmacy has several forms of Levitra and it also offers numerous other drugs. To make it easier for customers to search for their desired drug, they can just click the name of the drug by the left hand side of the home page. However, if you don’t know the full name, you can click the first letter among the letters at the top of the page. It will give you the list of drugs that begin with the letter. If you select letter L, the list of all the drugs that begin with L will pop up.

Canadian Med Website

Modes of payment

This online pharmacy accepts Visa Card, MasterCard, and Bitcoin. This will give customers more payment options.

Discount and bonus

This pharmacy ships orders through Airmail and EMS. Airmail will ship your order free if it is more than $200 in value. On the other hand, you will need to raise your order to more than $300 to enjoy free shipping by EMS.

In addition, for every order, you will get 2 free pills of Levitra, Cialis, or Viagra. Apart from that, they also offer volume discount. The higher the volume of your order, the more discount you will earn up to 50 percent discount. This means that you cannot get more than 5 percent discount no matter the value of your order.

How to reach Canadian Med

The online pharmacy offers 24-hour customer support. You can call them anytime on 1-800-715-5341 and 44-203-318-5981. In the alternative, you can also send them a mail by filling their online contact form.

As mentioned earlier, they offer Levitra at $1.15 per pill. This is an indication that they offer great prices. In addition, they have a money back guarantee policy. If for any reason you don’t like the drug, you can ask for full refund.

Customer reviews

There are numerous reviews on their site but 4 of them were just chosen at random. Here are the reviews. Kevin Logan, one of their customers said he received his order timely and promised to do business with them again. He must have enjoyed the timely delivery.

Mohammed Farooq, another customer commended the online pharmacy for great customer support and continuous coordination. In addition, he made it clear that he really appreciates their service. Jenny K Schuster was so happy with their service that he has promised to recommend the pharmacy to anyone who asks. The fourth customer whose review was selected is Eliot Wilson. This customer has been doing business with Canadian Med for some time and they have never let him down.

Considering their customer-friendly return policy, free shipping, positive reviews, and the bonus pills, it is easy to conclude that Canadian Med is a reliable online pharmacy.

Reviews on Canadian Pharmacy Safe

This online pharmacy also offers numerous other drugs apart from Levitra. However its price is a little higher than what Canadian Med offers. On this site, the best price of Levitra is $1.50 per pill. However, the site offers better services and discounts than Canadian Med.

Shipping, discounts and bonuses

The site offers a long list of bonuses to attract customers. You will get 5 percent bonus on your second order and 7 percent discount on your third and subsequent orders. In addition, you will get 4 free Viagra Soft pills for every order of more than 20 pills of any erectile dysfunction drug.

That is not all; customers who order more than 60 pills of any erectile dysfunction drug will get 10 free Viagra pills. For every order that is more than 100 pills of erectile dysfunction drug, you will get 20 free pills of Viagra.

They also offer free Standard Airmail Service for orders that are more than $150 in value. The site also offers order tracking facility for customers that are interested in it. This is just to show appreciation to their customers. What else do you want in an online pharmacy?

How to reach Canadian Pharmacy Safe

They offer 24-hour customer support. For issues that are not urgent, you can reach them by filling their online contact form. If the issue is urgent you can call their toll free line – 1-800-532-4808 or other lines (non-toll free) – 1-718-475-9088 and 44-203-011-0241.

Customer reviews

Four reviews have been selected from all the customer reviews found on the site. One of them is from David. According to him, his wife was surprised that he received order so soon. Apart from the quick delivery, he was also happy with the efficacy of the drug. His wife was impressed. He is sure to order again soon.

Mark, another customer commended the pharmacy also for the timely delivery and the effectiveness of the drug. In addition, Mike and DN were also impressed with the quick delivery and fantastic performance.

In conclusion Canadian Pharmacy Safe is also a reliable online pharmacy. Remember that everything discussed above is to review, a new website that refers customers to online pharmacies. Since the two pharmacies that are promoted on are great and reliable sites, the referral site can be trusted too. It discussed all the information you need to have about Levitra including its contraindications and possible side effects. This is nothing but unbiased review of the drug. deserves a 3-star rating for transparency and honesty.

A Close Look At Texaschemist Online Pharmacy

Texaschemist is a renowned med online store that has been selling quality pills at considerate prices for more than a decade. The network was primarily established with a sole aim of supplying patients with top-performing and high-quality pills. Texaschemist is run by a team of qualified consultants and pharmacists who control the ordering and delivery procedures.

Why Texaschemist Network?

For the past few years, the number of counter fake drugs being supplied at the online pharmacies and stores has been on the rise. This is where Texaschemist comes in. To meet customers’ demands and specifications in real time, Texaschemist operates a number of set domain addresses.

Texaschemist Screenshot

All the orders made on this online pharmacy are relayed to a central processing unit run by competitive, committed and dedicated pharmacists. Cybercrime has also been on the rise for the past few years. Scammers have been redirecting potential customers and users to malicious websites where they access their credentials.

If you’re looking forward to purchasing quality medications and enjoy quick delivery services at the same time, consider visiting Texaschemist network. In the recent past, the inflation experienced in the health industry is higher than that of foods. This online store network allows you to reduce your medical costs and save a good amount of cash.

The Texaschemist Reviews

Customers are always right. Most of the customers remember to post a rating and a review whenever they purchase pills from an online store. Whenever you need information regarding an online store, the review section is the place to visit. Just like other online networks, Texaschemist has been receiving great reviews that come from satisfied and potential customers.

Customers have a special way of expressing their feelings. They always let other potential customers know what they encountered when dealing with specific online pharmacies in terms of delivery services, money back guarantee, and assistance. Below are testimonials from Texaschemist valued customers.

Ken illustrates how he ordered Cialis pills from Texaschemist and received the pills within the stipulated time. He also complements the customer staff that assisted him to order and purchase the pills online. According to Ken, Texaschemist has come to the rescue of customers seeking to purchase pills at considerate prices.

Similar to Ken, Jan complements the top-notch services and assistance offered by Texaschemist network. Jan explains how his package was handled with care and delivered in time. He also suggests the importance of delivering packages to a post office when clients are not at home.

According to Mark, Texaschemist is a top-performing online network with customer-friendly support staff. Mark explains how the support staff helped him order the package, and later followed up to ensure he received his pills in real time. When it comes to purchasing drugs online, trust and confidentiality are key terms to consider. This pharmacy network highly observes the professional code of ethics and discipline when handling orders and delivery services.

Online Support Staff

Live Support

Texaschemist has a team of customer friendly support team that works around the clock to meet customers’ needs and demands. Regardless your time, you can reach out the network’s support staff and get your questions answered as soon as possible. The pharmacy network is also well-designed for both Android and OS users. Whether you’re using a smartphone or a desktop, you can easily navigate the website and compare both the medications and the prices.

The pharmacy offers top-notch consultancy services to prospective customers. To purchase tablets from Texaschemist, whether brand or generic, you don’t need a doctor’s prescription. However, consider ordering medications that you’re well adhered to use. This pharmacy network has cheap medications at disposal. Most of the purchased medications include;

  • Generic Propecia that sells for $2.00 per pill
  • Generic Priligy that sells for $2.33 per pill
  • Levitra that sells for $2.08 per pill
  • Kamagra oral jelly that sells for $5.43 per sachet

Texaschemist network largely deals with impotence or erectile dysfunction medication. The drugs are verified and licensed by the Food and Drugs Administration body. The pharmacy gives you a lifetime opportunity of saving up to 90% on your medical bills and costs.

The Coupon Codes and Discounts

This pharmacy network gives you an opportunity to enjoy more than 5% discount on your second bulk order and 7% discount on your third order. Currently, the pharmacy is offering discounts on bulk orders. The more the pills you purchase, the lesser you pay.

Contact Us Information

An effective online store should follow up and offer after sale services to their clients. For consultancy services, you can initiate an open chat with the online support staff whenever you need to inquire about something. It feels good to have a conversation with a customer care staff. You can call +1-702-965-3395 hotline to have a conversation with a customer care staff.

As compared to other stores, Texaschemist holds high of your confidential information. Prioritizing on customers, dedication, and commitment are among the key factors that have contributed to the success of this pharmacy network. Also, the pharmacy doesn’t involve itself with spamming.

The Bottom Line

Quality of products, customer feedback, reviews, and customer ratings are the key things you should look for before you buy drugs from an online pharmacy. Texaschemist pharmacy is a network of online pharmacies that comes together with a sole aim of supplying quality medications at cheap prices.

Texaschemist has one of the finest customer care support in the industry. The pharmacy network also ships genuine products to their customers, a factor that has led to the company’s encountered success. Looking forward to purchasing impotence treatment pills at cheap prices, Texaschemist pharmacy is the store to go for.

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